Women’s Health

Menorrhagia affects approximately 30% of women and is a common reason for hysterectomy. Research from China suggests that acupuncture has the potential to provide women with an effective, minimally invasive and acceptable treatment option for Menorrhagia.

The Foundation and the Department of Health Sciences and Clinical Evaluation, University of York, are currently collaborating on a programme of research designed to develop the evidence base as to whether or not women with Menorrhagia should be offered acupuncture on the NHS.
Alison, and NCA graduate and PHill at York University, is the researcher. The programme of research will employ both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. The first stage of the research is now underway and aims to assess the acceptability of acupuncture as a treatment option for women with Menorrhagia.

The second phase will be a pilot for the final phase of the research programme; a full-scale pragmatic randomised controlled trial to evaluate the clinical and cost effectiveness of acupuncture as a treatment option for women with Menorrhagia assessed as suitable for treatment within primary care.