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About Qi

In Traditional Chinese medicine they distinguish between different types of energy or Qi. Your Qi has five functions:

Actuation: Physical processes in the body, like circulation of fluids.

Warming: Especially in the limbs

Defense: Against pathogenic factors or disease

Containment: Keeping blood, urine, semen, sweat from leaking

Transformation: of food and beverages into breath and then into qi.

It is the belief that Qi is generated from your food and beverages and a bit from breathing. The other part of Qi is inherited from your parents, and gets used over the course of your life.

There is much to be learned with traditional Chinese medicine. The above are only a small aspect of helping to heal the body with Traditional Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

What exactly is Tradition Chinese medicine?

This refers to a wide range of medicine practice. Some of these practices include acupuncture, massage, exercise, herbal medication.

In traditional Chinese medicine they use the five phase’s theory these five phases include:


Sense Organ: Eye
Zang Organ: Liver
Fu Organ: Gallbladder

Sense Organ: Ears
Zang Organ: Kidney
Fu Organ: Bladder

Sense Organ: tongue
Zang Organ: Heart
Fu Organ: Small Intestine

Sense Organ: nose
Zang Organ: Lung
Fu Organ: Large Intestine

Sense Organ: Mouth
Zang Organ: Spleen
Fu Organ: Stomach